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Dade City News

  • Family Field Day - June 22

    Dade City Latest News Jun 3, 2019 | 23:18 P

    Family Field Day - June 22 Get your competitive spirit on and join us for Color Me Abstract's third annual family field day at the museum. We will have classic events such as sack races, relay races, and much more. This event is FREE and fun for the[…]


Pioneer Museum News
  Please visit our Event Calendar!      Take a quick video tour: Sky High Drone Video of the Pioneer Florida Museum    The Pioneer Florida Museum & Village Video   Florida Nature Coast Drone Video
Visit the Pioneer Museum
 Aerial View of Pioneer Florida MuseumIt is located on a 20-acre wooded hillside and has over ten main buildings. Eight buildings are historically significant and were moved from surrounding Pasco County communities to the museum grounds. .

San Antonio News

Green Pasco News
Claims to Install solar panels - Beware!
Claims to Install solar panels now, pay them off over 20 years through his yearly taxes, and effectively have an energy bill near zero. BUT BEWARE! No job? No salary? You can still get $20,000 for ‘green’ home improvements. But beware Under the PACE program, there are not the same strict federal rules dictating what is disclosed to the customer about interest rates, duration of payback and other financial terms. http://www.tampabay.com/business/top/no-job-no-salary-you-can-still-get-20000-for-green-home-improvements-but-beware-20190103/?fbclid=IwAR19SbjqNb4o0P9b3k-kl510EvrZzT2Id1gk6VcytPgWRK9nxy0Ofj8u5RI
Jack Mariano - Climate Change Denier
Regional climate change coalition has one holdout: Pasco County Commissioner Jack Mariano is Pasco’s representative on the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, the organization that began forming the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition earlier this year. But Mariano, a Republican, declined to even pass along the coalition resolution to his commission colleagues for discussion because he said he does not believe in two words central to the document: climate change. Read More........
Red Tide’s Toxic Toll — Your Questions Answered
A Red Tide algae bloom has been plaguing the Southwest Florida coast for months, and recently threatened to invade Tampa Bay (although the latest forecast shows it traveling southward again). Here are some questions and answers about the microscopic toxic threat to taking a fun trip to the beach. Read More...